Post number two – Organisation

I didnt think there was much to travelling, you know… just buy a ticket, get a travel guide then happy days right? Wrong.

There are immunisation shots, travel insurance, health insurance, tax compliance, visa issues, dates, accomodation, and the list goes on.

I’ve spent today looking after health issues, and you wouldnt believe the amount of vaccinations I need to take to go to Shanghai. This place is a major city for gods sake. Anyway, conservative Ken is getting it all done anyway…

So now its time to organise to get those wisdom teeth out that I have put off for years, and get a general health checkup and blood check.

Hope to be able to start studying chinese by myself over the next few days.

Still loving being a creature of leisure though, the weather is absolutely beautiful during the day, its lovely to be in a position where I am able to walk around in the sun and get all my admin done.


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