Excellent Quote… and What I am doing today.

“Many a false step was made by standing still” 

– Fortune Cookie


I’m an early riser, I always have been. I have a strange body clock, it likes to wake me up early. I was up at 5am this morning. Getting up early has its advantages – especially if you are a cyclist like me. The roads are empty which makes cycling much safer. 

At the moment though, I have a cough and a throbbing headache. I have some kind of a bug, I’m not sure what. It may have been a result of those travel injections? So no cycling for me today.

Today, I’m off to the beach. I plan on relaxing in the sun, having a bit of a bbq and just generally relaxing. I do deserve some down time. I’ve been fairly busy completing my short term goals. I’ve given myself some goals to achieve over the next couple of months that are keeping me busy. I am currently completing the Marriage Celebrancy course for Chris and Laras wedding, studying for the GMAT which I have booked a date for in Feb, started some self study for Zhong Wen (chich I am really enjoying) and of course all the admin stuff involved with moving yourself to a new country.

So… fairly busy and trying my hardest not to stand still!

One more thing that I will do today is purchase a book that has been reccommended to me. “The four hour work week”. I have had two people mention it to me in the past week. I’ll provide a review on my blog once I’m through it.

Loving Life!



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