What a day

It sucks to be sick. Yes, I have a cold. 

A cold in summer, thats weird. Its a concept that I never understood.

How does one get a cold in summer? Its not cold? 

Its not like I’m not eating well? I’ve been stuffing myself with amazing christmas food. Seafood, Roast Meats, Roasted Vegies, Chinese Food, Indian Food, Malaysian Food… the list goes on. I’ve been exercising lots too, cycling, gymming all the usual stuff. I’ve been getting lots of sleep… Why me? I dont like being sick!

Anyway, whatever doesnt kill me just makes me stronger.

The weather outside is absolutely beautiful. I really really enjoy just chilling out at the Wollstonecraft pad. Enjoying my own company is something I didnt really appreciate in the past, but really beginning to appreciate gathering my own thoughts and spontaneously writing them down on this blog.

I have downloaded a chinese character writing system last night, so in time, you as a reader whoever you are or may be will get the opportunity to read my spontaneous random thoughts in 中文 (Chinese)… as I learn the language of course.. 

I also thought I’d mention that last night I went to a lebanese restaurant place in Merrylands. Thats a bit of an experience, people there smoke these weird tobacco water pipes with fruit flavours. Pasha, Harpreet, Ari and the two Tonys were there along with some random cherrybrook girls. Really nice people. Very different. Always good to see the guys, nothing much changes, all fantastic people.

Yeehar, although I’m sick – still in a great mood!


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