Ok so I have a few.

Before I talk about these resolutions though, I’d just like to say this post has been made from a blackberry on a beach. How amazing is technology. I am sitting in a tent on the beach at 4am in the morning surrounded by my friend merrays extended family. She is lebanese, and fits right in with the stereotype aussie lebbo accent and the stereotype of having literally hundreds of cousins. I have been made an honorary “el kouri”, their family name. Which translates to priest in english. Somewhere down their family line someone was made a priest. Hold on. Priests can’t procreate. Or can they? I will have to ask her that.

These guys here are just a handful of her first cousins and there are like 15 of them. Apparently when they do a family bbq, this means 400 people show up. seriously. I thought my family was large. I can’t remember all their names there are so many new faces. They are really really warm and really friendly people. She is so lucky to have grown up with such a nice close family. Having most of my relos overseas is cool because it means I can see parts of the world with family, but on another note we aren’t growing up as closely together like these guys. I’m trying though. The internet is really helping here 😉

Well back to the topic. 08 was indeed a life changing year. So much happened. Some deaths in the family including my amah and the family dog. I have left my job finally to go travelling. My sister got married. So much happened.

09 is the year though. I can feel it. I am bubbling with excitement about what is to come. There are just so many possibilities. Just in the few past weeks I have had so many ideas fly across my mind and come up in conversation. And I want them all.

Resolution is to focus. Look at my immediate goals and make them happen. Shortlist goals and make them time-bound. Short term medium term and long term.

I have a moleskin book which I use to jot these things down on. Every year I make goals and 80 per cent get ticked off. This is the year of 100 per cent and I will settle for nothing less.

I am going to get out of my tent and go for a sand run and a quick dip. Followed by some fishing and a big breakfast.

Keeping the dream alive. KTD.


Merays crew

Merays crew


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