What a Start…

Ok, so we are a few days into the New Year. All is going to plan, I had the second course of the vaccine shots today and I have really been immersing myself in the whole Chinese thing. I only have Chinese music on my laptop and have discovered jay chou and Rainie Yang, two Taiwanese artists. I am looking for more ‘cool’ mandarin Chinese songs and artists so if you have any hints please do comment or email me.

This morning, I had a tremendous brunch at Waterloo, in a cafe called Dank Street Depo

dankstreetdepopretty cool little joint.

I was there with Russel’s parents and a couple of their friends and Alex. Russel’s folks live in Hong Kong and his dad does some business in Shanghai, I’m looking forward to having a coffee with him over there and picking his brain about the culture and his experiences in the country. 

Last night is also worth a mention. I went round to an old friends house, Brandon Kong along with Rina. He currently lives at an amazing joint in Milsons Point. What a great view. He is so close to the bridge, it is seriously amazing. We had some great Korean food cooked by his lovely wife Jinhee, who is looking very pregnant now. Not too much longer to go, they have started looking at names and preparing last minute stuff for when little Brandon comes out. Nice to see him so well on track with life, hes pretty much working for himself with a little legal practice and a kid on the way. Very impressive. I also saw an old friend from High School there, we had a heap of fun acting like kids playing a board game called Cranium. Pretty nerdy thing to do (a whole bunch of guys playing a board game), but it was surprisingly a load of fun.

So back to the study for me, I’m a third of the way through the MC course. Its covering all the legal aspects and is kind of dry, but it needs to be done. So back to it. Have a great day, and if you know anyone who knows cool mandarin chinese music, please let me know.



Ken Ooi


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