Living in the moment.

I’m living in the moment. 


“The past is history. The future is a mystery. The only time we really have is now – just this moment.” – Unknown

I think its important to really cherish every second we have… every experience that we are provided… and every opportunity that presents itself…
I’ve always been one of those people who have thought much about the future and placed much emphasis on planning and organising. I have now learnt that the future is a mystery, we cant plan for everything that happens, so when opportunities present themselves… grab them with two hands.
I just got off the phone with the property manager for the place that I am renting with my flatties. It was kind of sad to think that this chapter of living with three of my close school friends is nearly over, and the life stage of renting with these guys are probably never going to happen again. The newly married couple will buy soon, and Kos has been scoping the real estate market for a while now too.
So, its soon to be the past. The history. At the same time, thats exactly what makes it all so exciting. You cant plan for the future in the path that I am taking.  I’m grabbing the opportunity to learn and experience China with two hands. I’m hungry and determined to get over there and succeed in the big wide world. I’m living in the moment, enjoying it while it lasts, not worrying that is will be soon be the past and worrying that it may not happen again in the future.
That was deep. Thats what happens when you stop and contemplate, you get a real chance to pause and see the world for what it really is and determine where you want to fit in. I’m loving it.
Last night Chris cooked a roast dinner, yum, and we heard some of the stories about Vietnam. Sounds like a really interesting place, a little bit behind the rest of the world which is what makes it so unique and beautiful. I’ll make sure that I do visit Vietnam in the years to come.
This morning, I was lucky enough to have breakfast with Alex and his brother Marty at Milsons point. Marty is a really different character, a real personality. He has such a passion for what he is doing in Florence, Italy and its exciting to hear him speak about the work he does over there and his future plans. I’ll make sure that I do visit Italy in the years to come.
Oh no. Running out of time, too many places to see, not enough time. Oh no. I’m stressing out about the future. Oh no. I’d better start planning and organising now. Right now. Right right now.
Over and out.



  1. Ken. I know that you’re quite busy, and that living in the moment is very tiring, but I’d like another post please. It has been almost a week.


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