That is the problem…

Now that is exactly the problem. You are too busy doing stuff to make the time to write the post then you are then posting for two days, then it becomes three, then four, then suddenly it is a mammoth task, posting about several days or even a week. Then it just becomes too hard and you stop blogging, then people stop reading, then the whole concept of blogging just dies.

So consistency. Just like exercise, just like study, a blog site requires consistency.

I’ve still been receiving hits on the site though, so someone out there is still reading?

Now, lets get started. It has been an amazing few days. The last post was the 6th since then I have been mountain biking, kayaking, bushwalking, kite glyding, online pokering.

january-2009-032 Mountain Bikingbushwalkingjanuary-2009-006img_5129oh, and I had a wisdom tooth taken out as it had started causing problems. So I’m currently high on codine. Too high to write this post I have now decided.

Tonight I’m going to a comedy gig with the flatmates. I’ll find it extra funny because I’m on codine. yeeehar.


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