Last couple of days

So on Thurs night, I went to the standup comedy gig at Glebe. Hillarious. Highly recommend it if youre up for a fun and entertaining night out. I hear this is the venue where the professional artists turn up to practice their routines before they go off and perform in front of their high paying audiences. I was impressed.

I was ridiculously tired though and I slept like a baby on Thursday night. Friday morning I was up for a 10am appointment in the city where I was injected with more vaccines. I’m a walking talking petri dish, codine, antibiotics and a load of weird vaccines to prevent me from getting weird diseases in the future.

Not surprisingly, I was feeling Drowsy and not up for anything at all the rest of the day.

Saturday morning, up early for a pedal with alves and audreys dad. great guys. West head, what a beautiful place. I was so worried that I would be unable to keep up, but I did ok. Sat arvo was at my cousins place where we just hung around and chatted, always good to see family. After that we headed off to eat my favourite food pho dat biet, but the restaurant was closed for renovations. Then back to Rinas where I saw another chinese movie, which I again highly recommend. It was funny, sad, serious, twisted and just all round good value. I find it really interesting just how much of a contrast there is with your typical hollywood movie. All these chinese movies are about tragedy, whereas all the hollywood movies have romance and happy endings. Something to get used to.

I enjoyed kayaking so much last weekend, I want to do it again. I’m going to get out and hire one a little later.

Below is a pic of yesterdays ride:


West Head Pedal

West Head Pedal

This is the movie I mentioned above. The movie is worth a watch if you are up for a Chinese flick. Also, this bit of trivia impressed ma… This is the most expensive film in Chinese history with a budget of 282,572,490 Yuan ($35 Million).


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