About Two Weeks Away…

Its about two weeks away and I’m feeling slightly nervous? A little scared? 

The past couple of days have been fun, it was Chinese New Year and Australia Day all at once. That kind of sums me up, chinese and aussie all at once. I’m just trying to get a bit more chinese culture happening for me.

Chinese New Year was spent with the family. It was Julees and Neils first year as a married couple, and we hassled them to give us red packets. Happy Days, I got a few of them. I have a strange habit though of keeping them in their packets for the year for good luck and taking them out the next year. I got 200 bucks last year, which has been handy for this year as I needed the change! This years though is staying with the tradition and will be kept hidden away till next year.

This special day also coincides with Joe Hans birthday – an old mate of mine from High School. The guy is just such a lovely person. His parents own a Korean grocery store in Chatswood, and my whole High School life, we never went hungry thanks to Joe. He’d come to school with all sorts of snacks for his friends. There are some strange things that you remember from your days as a kid, and Joe and his snacks is one of those that seems stuck in my memory. I remember him being a Mathematics genius – his explanations and assistance probably got me through the Mr Weiss Maths classes…

 I digress, its two weeks away and I am excited. I’ve started packing my stuff in Cherrybrook and doing all the last minute stuff. Scary stuff.


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