Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do…

This morning I was driving to the gym. I had just woken up, packed my bags and had meticulously planned my day. I knew exactly what I had to do. Gym for an hour, grab breakfast then to the library for a days study.

The radio was on and the sun was shining. I was in a great mood. 2dayFM are currently doing a promotion where they offer free fuel at a selected petrol station on a friday. Today they were offering free fuel in Cabramatta, which is obviously too far away for me to get free fuel, but it did inspire me.

They had just filled up the tank of an excited 17 year old. He was telling the listeners about how happy he was that he had a full tank of petrol and how he would use it to go to the beach.

That made me think. I should be at the beach right now, the sun is shining, the radio is pumping and I’m in a great mood. So off I went to Palm Beach. I went via a woolworths where I picked up a towel and some suncream. So thats my morning. I went for a swim and a run then a quick dip again.

Tough life, but someones gotta do it.


  1. I lend you my car to go home to study and keep zorro company….but you end up going to the beach!
    You owe me petrol money =)

  2. …Nice work bro…

  3. Tell us about Shanghai please Sexual von Ooisteinberger.

  4. The inetnet browsing cache on my laptop must be broken… its not updating your page properly. I dont see any Shang hai updates.

    You are now a super star of the international global community. You have an obligation to update us on your every mobe.

    Sexual Von Ooisteinberger?

    One more thing… dont accept any ‘foot massages’ over there. Something tells me those establishments don’t stop at your feet.

  5. sorry, wordpress was blocked, but i’m back baby!!!

    too late for Shanghai life updates, but I can share them in person or on the phone…


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