Wow… it has been a while…

Wow, it has been a long while since I posted on this site. This is because after moving to China, WordPress was actually blocked. It seems that it has been unblocked though, as today when I went to take a look, I logged on no issues at all.

So the reason I wanted to log on to wordpress was to actually to start a new blog, about my travels, about my language study progress, about my study and life plans… but why not continue with this site? So I will!

So much has happened since my last post January 2009, it is now April 2011, and boy have I changed. I’ve had experience in the highly competitive employment market of Shanghai, I’ve had a great life in a brand new country and culture, and what I’m most proud of is that I can speak Chinese.

I’ve got this new found feeling of invincibility, that I can learn anything, and if I put my mind to anything it I can achieve it. I think for me travelling to China has been a great personal achievement, and it has really made me a much more confident person.

I want to also use this site as a well of goal setting for myself, posting inspirational information, and also writing a few posts in Chinese to give me a good reason to put the language into use. I’ve taken a few months off to travel round China and focus on my Chinese studies. I have two months till the next HSK exam, and I’m going to use my time very carefully to make sure I succeed.

I have actually just come back from quite a long trip. I went to Henan province, the home of the Shaolin Temple, and  Zhengzhou city, a huge transportation hub. After this, I went to Vietnam to see my good friend Alex Kos, who is living there working as a pilot and held a part to celebrate his upcoming wedding.  


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