Weibo (微博)

So weibo is the Chinese twitter. I’ve been away from the world of twitter due to the great firewall of China, so this is like a new thing for me. Its really popular at the moment in China, everybody has it. The idea of it is its like a blog, but a micro blog where you post a short sentence about what you are doing or thinking at the moment. Its really nice to be able to just spit out what you are thinking to the whole world at any given moment, and have a bit of an insight into what others on the other side of China are thinking or doing. Interesting.

So if you are interested, join up the website is join the cool kids and hang out with the celebs.

Right now I’m thinking, I just had a glass of the best home made soy milk ever and I’m really going to miss many things about China. 😦


  1. Hi, Kenooi! I m ‘soi ku’. I ve added ur blog page in my phone. I do follow ur FB posting as well. I think u did a wonderful job learning up mandarin. I m impressive that u write in mandarin as well. Unfortunately, I cannot read mandarin. Good job m keep it up !!!


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