Back in Australia

Wow, what a journey. I’ve been all across China in my last little bit of travel before I headed back to Australia. Harbin, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, finally back to Beijing for Chinese New Year before a rushed flight back to Sydney. When I got back Rina had arranged more travel, a flight to Melbourne, train to a country Victorian town before another one hour drive to Portland, Victoria. Lots of adventure here. Portland included riding an R6, Rifle Shooting, The worlds biggest parma, the most epic fruit salad ever, beaching, and caving. 

I’ve started writing in my Moleskin diary so I have a little record of all the fun things I did. So, instead of gloating about my last few months of holidays here, I’ll save that for my diary.

So, because I spent the beginning of 2014 with a backpack, my new years resolutions start with the start of Chinese New Year. Although travelling the world was an amazing experience and I have had a serious upgrade in my Chinese language skills, now that I’m back in Australia, I feel like I can get really stuck into all the things I really to do in my life. Things are stable for me in Australia, I am surrounded by friends, family and I know my way around. There isn’t a need to be social, worry about the admin of a foreign country or all the other things that living abroad comes with. I’m at home.

Things I’d like to do:

  • explore buddhism
  • continue learning Chinese
  • finish my legal studies
  • get mega fit
  • start a small business
  • pick up some Cantonese

I’m sure there are other things that I have forgotten to write down, when they come to mind I will put them up. So far I’ve been focussed on settling back into Aus. 



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