Muzings of a goal setter

Continuing the topic of the bucket list, yesterday I passed a bookstore which had a pre-made diary that was written to assist with life goals. It had tabs for happiness, dreams, health, all the different aspect of life that people generally like to plan.

What a great idea. Except. I’d prefer mine in excel format, easily accessable on all my different devices, tab, computer and smartphone. I think I’m going to start something up on google drive…

Also, I’ve realised that I really need to get back into Chinese study. My listening is pretty good, I went to a conference yesterday on climate change and there were presenters from China and I mostly understood what they were saying. However, I feel a noticable 退步 in my speaking!

Ticking Off Your Bucket List. this article is not the best written article that i have ever read, but it raises an interesting point. how many people stop and think about what really makes them happy and makes big decisions to get off the beaten track?

chilling in bondi


this eveing i went to a housewarming in tamarama. beautiful pad right on the beach. what a view. the party was filled with hipsters.

the photo is of pip, chanel v host and friend of the hipster.

the death of the blog

it has been a few years since my last post. i have decided though that i would like to revive it.

as we all know facebook and twitter have really revolutionised the internet. the classic and humble blog has been another that has fallen in their midst.

however. with mobile apps, i see a revival of the classic and humble blog. i hope to provide unfiltered posts full of spelling errors, but a clear and uninfluenced picture of my thoughts.

good times ahead for this blog.

instant posting

i have discovered the ability to post from my mobile app. awesomeness.

Incredible Leaps

So I’ve met some really interesting characters on my new course, and i’m really enjoying the path I’ve taken. Its lots of reading and I’m already feeling a little overwhelmed. That’s OK. One step at a time and you will get there…

Chinese is still happening on the weekends, and I’ve been training with Stew and Ed.

House is getting renovated, and my room is looking really nice. Oh, and Jiensen just set me up with a dual screen. Oh, I’ve got a 600cc motorbike I can take for spins whenever I want. nice. Loving Life.